Standard Conversion

A cost effective path to meeting the new Euro 7 particle counting requirements at 10 nm is to convert your existing PMP 23 nm Particle Counting System. This can be done either by recalibration of your current Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) or with the purchase of a new 10 nm compliant CPC from either TSI or Airmodus.

Scope of Supply

  • Evaporation Tube Removal
  • Installation of Catalytic Stripper
  • Choice of Keeping TSI CPC or upgrading to Airmodus (Helsinki, Finland) A20 CPC
  • ISO 17025 10/23 nm Compliant VPR Calibration with Certificate
  • TSI 23 nm CPC conversion to 10 nm with ISO 17025 Compliant Calibration

**Note: AVL CPC can only be converted and calibrated by AVL

Benefits at a glance

  • Significant cost savings (> 50%) over purchase of new PMP10 nm Particle Counter
  • No costly upgrades required before conversion
  • Retain & repurpose TSI CPC Sensor
  • Replaceable Catalytic Stripper
  • Superior After Sales Service and Preventative Maintenance