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23-10nm Conversion

UN-ECE R-83/R-49 particle counting requirements are changing. Rather than retire your current particle counter or purchase a new compliant particle counter, you can convert your current particle counter to meet requirements. Learn how to achieve a simple conversion by visiting the PMP 10 nm Particle Counter page. Visit the PMP 10/23 nm Dual Particle Counter page to learn how to achieve conversion in two ways.

PMP23-10 nm Particle Counter

The major driver for Particle Counting Legislation is the European Union (ECE) Particle Number (PN) Limit requirements in Euro 5B and Euro 6, which fall under the UN-ECE R-83/R49 regulations describing calibration of Particle Number Counting (PNC) devices and measurements of Particle Number (PN) for type approval. There will be a few changes to these requirements in the anticipated (2023) Euro 7 regulations. The premise of the new requirements is to capture solid particle count at 10 nm and above while providing a conversion path from current particle counters held by OEMS to those that can meet the new requirements.

In the spirit of the new regulation premise, EigenValue offers a 23 nm Particle Counter Conversion Service that will meet the Euro 7 requirements. We offer a simple 23-10 nm Conversion as well as a Dual 23/10 nm Conversion. The latter can be had in a version that allows simultaneous 10 and 23 nm measurement or a version requiring calibration switching and thus only one size range measurement at a time.

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