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Custom Conversion

EigenValue is providing responsive and timely modification/enhancement solutions tailored to individual customers in the emissions testing market.

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Market Leading instrument providers develop and launch products based primarily on legislative certification requirements, which aerospace and automotive manufacturers must meet in order to sell their product in the US and around the world. A secondary driver is the market’s Research and Development measurement needs in advance of certification requirements.

When certification requirements for existing instrumentation change, customers often only have the choice to purchase a new instrument. In many cases, modification of existing instrumentation to meet new requirements can be done at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new instruments. Because Research & Development measurements are not regulated, modification/enhancement of existing instrumentation is often more necessary. Again, customers must rely on instrument providers to develop and market a “new” instrument as well as pay the higher costs of development.

To find out more about how EigenValue Emission Solutions can help you achieve the emission measurements you desire with your current instrumentation, please click here.