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William Silvis

A black and white photo of William Silvis

William began his career at the University of Michigan, Space Physics Research Laboratory as a Research Associate where he developed computer programs for the analysis of data on the composition and temperature of the atmosphere measured by sounding rockets and satellites launched by NASA. He transitioned to the beginning of a career in automotive testing at the US EPA NVFEL where he supported the automation of NVFEL laboratories and participated in the validation of the HWFET highway fuel economy drive cycle.

William moved on to Horiba Instruments (Ann Arbor, MI) where he was a software development leader involved in multi-cell automation projects in the US at Ford and GM, among others. He was promoted to project management, sales support and business development responsible for Europe. Near the end of his tenure at Horiba, he lived in Japan for 1.5 years while co-managing the development of the Mexa-7000. He moved on to AVL Test Systems (Plymouth, MI) as Director of Emissions Engineering where he built a center of Competence for Emissions in the US. In his later years at AVL he concentrated on research and scientific topics with a heavy emphasis on particulate/particle measurements.

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